Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO Agency London

For ROAST, Search Engine Optimisation is a core foundation for any business. Ensuring your site is structured correctly and optimised will not only drive more organic traffic, but also results in improved efficiency for other channels such as paid search, social and referral traffic.

ROAST’s approach to SEO is based on how Google has evolved to understand entities and brands. Does Google understand your brand as an entity? Are they able to interpret different signals from users and attribute them accordingly to your brand? If not, how can we make changes to your site and other marketing activates to aid Google’s understanding of your brand?

ROAST pride ourselves on our SEO team’s depth of knowledge and continuing desire to evolve our SEO approach. Aiding us along the way, the team have access to industry leading technology to improve efficiency, gathering multiple sets of data to be able to have a full view on the entire performance of a website rather than just a sub section.

We have a key partnership with MyPoseo, along with utilising smaller tech providers for niche technical tasks. When there isn’t a tool available, the team are able to build custom tools for specific tasks.

ROAST’s SEO services include:

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