Customer Experience and CRM

Customer expectations have never been greater. This drives the need for brands to deliver excellent personal experiences at each and every interaction. Here at ROAST we help brands create and deliver memorable customer experiences that will turn your customers into loyal advocates.

From getting your CX strategy right, through to experience design and delivery, our dedicated and experienced team will help you not only meet these expectations but exceed them. We take a data-driven, customer centric approach combining insight, technology and creative flair to achieve your CX goals.

Where are your customers along their user journey? How engaged are they? How can we drive behavioural change? What’s their lifetime value? These are all questions we can answer and cater for.

ROAST’s Customer Experience and CRM services include:

  • Customer Experience Workshopping
  • Audience Insight
  • CRM strategy
  • Omni-channel design and build
  • Data and analytics


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